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Uli Jon Roth revisits his own past; together with his band he presents a cross-section of some of the best songs from his 5-year tenure as lead guitarist of the Scorpions. The result is pure magic and the album was extremely well received worldwide. Far from simply rehashing the old songs, Uli and his young band have managed to inject real fire into the material and - in some cases - went beyond the originals. Recorded live, but without an audience, in the same hall that Scorpions used to rehearse in during the early Seventies this album fully captures the original and essential spirit of the songs and really brings them back to live without compromise. The result is a 5 star offering.
Band members: Uli Jon Roth, Guitars, vocals - Nathan James, vocals - Niklas Turmann, Guitar, vocals - Jamie Little. drums, Ule W Ritgen, bass - Corvin Bahn, keyboards - David Klosinski, guitar. Recorded in Langenhagen, Hannover, Germany, October 2013

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