Uli Jon Roth on facebook

There are numerous Uli fan-pages on facebook and finding the official ones can be a bit of a chore...
Here are the three official Uli Jon Roth main pages, all of which were started originally by fans and which all differ in content.
Facebook page 1 is now Uli's personal friends page. It was originally started by Ruth Eyre. Facebook restricts the number of friends on these kind of pages to 5000 friends as a limit.That figure was reached within a few days, but every week there are some people who are leaving FB and then friend slots become available. If you are lucky, you can still get in. Otherwise you can at least follow or like the page.
Uli FB pages 2 and 3 can accept an unlimited number of followers. They differ in content and are therefore both included here as alternatives. Please feel free to visit them.