A rare chance to attend a private Uli Acoustika Solo Performance pre-show !

augsburg 2016

VIP passes are available here for the up-coming 2017 TOKYO TAPES REVISITED  Tour of North America.
Book now to witness pure Uli magic close-up and exclusive.

For each stop of the tour there is a choice of two separate VIP events, which are also available as a bundle:

1)    An exclusive and private Uli Jon Roth pre-show Solo Performance (mainly on his new 8-string Flamenco Sky Guitar,
       but there may well be also some electric playing on Uli's amazing latest Sky Guitar prototype).
       The event will also include a personal, informal question & answers session where you can ask Uli about his music, life and philosophy.

2)    An after-show Meet & Greet event, which will be informal and relaxed.
       Time to take photos and have your merchandise and albums signed by the man himself.

There are 5 different VIP passes to choose from, consisting of several different configurations and bundles

Please feel free to study what is on offer and make your selection.
If you have any questions, please email them to info@skyarts-international.com
It will be our pleasure to answer as soon as possible.

Last years' VIP events proved very popular with the fans and were truly enjoyable.
Uli is really looking forward to seeing you again (or to meet you for the first time, of course)!



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