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Here is a complete list of Uli's personal Sky Guitars, including their history.

Mighty Wing Foggy Morning smaller

Uli Jon Roth
invented the concept  of the Sky Guitar in the early Eighties in order to expand  the artistic possibilities offered by previously designed electric guitars. The intention was to enhance the overall spectrum of versatility and to come up with an instrument which offered truly new possibilities and perspectives. A high level of smooth functionality was important, but equally so were aesthetic considerations. Uli wanted the guitar to be very versatile, but at the same time also visually truly beautiful as well.

The original idea behind the instrument was to build a guitar which significantly extended the musical and expressive range of traditional electric guitars. The Sky was the first guitar ever with a dramatically increased range of the higher register. It was also - slightly later on - probably the first 7-string electric guitar. This combination of extra-frets with an extra bottom string resulted in an unprecedented range of nigh-on six octaves, in comparison to the three and a half octaves available on standard electric guitars. Because of this Sky Guitars could be considered as instruments in their own right, which are as different from standard guitars as violas are from violins.

From the beginning, Sky Guitars were futuristic instruments and each prototype was designed to further push the envelope and to become better than the previous one. In recent years, this process was brought to a new level of perfection, because the guitars became commercially available as a limited edition of 50 units through Florida based DEAN Guitars. This enabled Uli to  fine-tune the capabilities of the Sky Guitar concept even further and to carefully experiment with new ideas together with master luthier Boris Dommenget, who hand-built the entire series for DEAN Guitars.

A very important aspect was the development of the MEGA-WING pick-up system, which is a feature common to all authentic Sky Guitars. The MEGA-WING is essentially a highly sophisticated, integrated on-board pick-up system with truly astonishing tonal capabilities and features. It is easily the most advanced, most powerful and most versatile active pick-up system in the world today. Designed by Trident engineer & inventor genius John Oram, precisely according to Uli's wishes, the system combines state of the art technology with a truly musical, super-smooth EQ. The pick-ups themselves are handwired to perfection by Boris Dommenget and are switchable between single coil and humbucking modes.

4 new Sky Guitars Tronical 2012 magic smaller

The first-ever Sky Guitar prototype - the Dolphin Sky - was built in 1983. Since then, Sky Guitars have become Uli's personal signature instrument and his trademark.  Today, over 35 years later, Sky Guitars have become synonymously interwoven with the name of Uli Jon Roth, but this belies the fact that they have become instruments in their own right and are now enjoyed by players and collectors in many different countries.

Sky Guitars are all about innovation and inspiration. Always cutting-edge, all of Uli's personal Sky Guitars are equipped with the latest TRONICAL tuning systems, invented by Uli's friend Chris Adams.

From the beginning, the distinctive body shape and design of the Sky Guitars attracted attention and they were frequently, but illegally copied by various builders and companies. However, none of these had knowledge of the original dimensions and specs and since all of the copies were built using only photographs as a reference, these were hit and miss affairs. Sky Guitars - if properly built - are notoriously difficult instruments to manufacture, because - compared to normal guitars - there is a high level of complexity involved and to achieve perfection the builder needs to be more than a craftsman. The visual finish also needs an artist's hand and eye. It is therefore not surprising that virtually all of the copies, which were shown to Uli over the years - including expensive ones -  were either not very playable or poorly built and completely missed the mark. Therefore, Uli now makes a clear distinction between authentic Sky Guitars and non-authentic ones, because there are huge differences in quality. Because of this, Uli's friend, Elliott Rubinson, CEO of DEAN Guitars, persuaded Uli to authorize a hand-built limited edition of 50 new Sky Guitars in 2010. All of these were named individually by Uli personally and this run was completed by the end of 2015.
Several guitar-builders tried their hand at building Sky-Guitars by trying to follow the Mighty Wing proportions and specs, but according to Uli, only one luthier really managed to achieve or even better the quality of the first prototypes - Boris Dommenget from Germany. Uli loves the Sky Guitars Boris makes and he now considers him his favourite luthier. Each of the new Sky Guitars is a true master piece, and - since they are all hand-crafted and not machine-made (CNC) - they are all slightly different with a distinctive caracter and an identy of their own, which is just what Uli wants.

After a dormancy period of virtually 20 years, where no further authentic Sky Guitars were built after the original five, several new prototypes were built for Uli by Boris for Dean Guitars, beginning in 2010, with the purpose of introducing and implementing additional refinements to the Sky Guitar concept as a whole. Uli owns and currently plays several of these as you can see below, the latest of which is the spectacular Mighty New Dawn - the first ever hybrid Sky Guitar with two necks. It combines a seven-string acoustic, nylon string flamenco Sky Guitar, with a standard 6-string model on the top. It is also the first ever Sky Guitar to feature a warm sun-burst finish. Uli adores this guitar and played it on stage from the first day that he received it in September 2015.
Below is a chronological display of all the so-called "Uli Skies" - these guitars are all named, but not numbered. Each one is a prototype in its own right. The original Sky Guitar builder, Andy Demetriou, built altogether five prototypes during the nineteen eighties, including the by now legendary Mighty Wing 7-string, which was to be Uli's main guitar for at least seventeen years.


CORONA DEL MAR 1985 uli2
Beach of Corona del Mar, California, 1985


545 Köln Alter Wartesaal Germany 4. 4. 1985 1
Germany, 1985
Night the Master Comes video 1985
"The Night The Master Comes" Video, London, January 1985

London 1985 with Dolphin Sky

Built in Spring 1983 by Andy Demetriou in Brighton.
Body: alder - neck: sycamore - colour: blue with black spiral (guitar underwent respray at a later date)
Uli started playing the Dolphin Sky during 1984.
First concert: 22. Feb 1985, Dublin, Ireland, TV-Club
The original pick-ups did not satisfy, but Seymour Duncan came to the rescue and personally hand wired 2 sets as a surprise  gift when Uli played in Santa Barbara during his 1985 tour of the States with Electric Sun. From then on the guitar sounded superb.
(see video from Reseda Country Club - Los Angeles, 1985)
During that year the Dolphin Sky became Uli's main guitar and trademark.
It was the first ever guitar with 36 frets and created quite a stir in the industry. Soon after, certain guitar companies started to copy the idea of the extra frets. There were even two Japanese companies who illegally sold Sky Guitar copies without Uli's consent. The Dolphin Sky is currently being exhibited in the Rock & Pop Museum, Gronau, Germany.

Purple Sky 1985 USA
Electric Sun tour of USA, 1985

Purple Sky smaller
Current photo of Purple Sky

Built at the beginning of 1985 by Andy Demetriou in Brighton.
Body: alder - neck: ebony - colour: purple with black spiral. Top notes are fretless.
Pick-ups: seymour Duncan handwired.
Uli started playing the guitar during 1985.
First concert: 22. Feb 1985, Dublin, Ireland, TV-Club
Purple Sky was his secondary stage guitar during the 1985 Beyond The Astral Skies Tours.
It was also used for various recordings later on. It has a rich, warm tone.
The guitar is currently owned by Helge Engelke in Germany.

686 Chicago House of Blues Illinois 11. 9. 2004 1
Chicago, House of Blues, 11. Sept 2004

576 Brussels Halles des Scharbeek Belgium 21. 9. 1990
Brussels, September 1990
uli kitty beast
UJR at the Brixton Pier, Redondo Beach, California, 20. June 2009
uli A Belgium 2008
Raismes Fest, France, 2008

Built in 1987 by Andy Demetriou in Brighton.
Body: alder - neck: sycamore, scalloped - colour: blue with silvery spiral. Top notes are spaced as whole-tone steps.
Pick-ups: MEGA WING 1 - John Oram.
Uli started playing the guitar during 1987.
First concert: 6. Jan 1989, Hannover, Germany, U-Boot Halle
The Emperor Sky was in the possession of Helge Engelke for some years and was used on Fair Warning recordings, but returned to Uli in 2001.
One of Uli's favourites, it has a distinctive, somewhat strat-like tone and Uli used it for many important shows including the Legends of Rock at Castle Donington DVD.
It was the first ever guitar equipped with the MEGA WING pick-up system, which was designed by John Oram and Uli Jon Roth.


Mighty Wing Foggy Morning IMG0080
Monika's Garden, Seaford, England Summer 1989

Mighty Wing broach 2003
First-ever photo with Mighty Wing in Andy Demetriou's workshop in Brighton, Summer 1989, the day it was finished.

Sky Channeler smaller
ULI JON ROTH larger by Ed Spinelli
photo by Ed Spinelli
From the Uli  Jon Roth special issue of Young Guitar Magazine, 2015
This photo was taken in Seaford, Sussex in the early Nineties.

Mighty Wing was built in the Summer of 1989 Andy Demetriou in Brighton.

Seven strings with low B.
Body: beech - neck: sycamore, scalloped - colour: turquoise blue with iridescent spiral. Gold-plated brass scratch plates.
Iridescent blue brooch.Top notes are spaced as whole-tone steps.
Pick-ups: MEGA WING 1 - John Oram.

The idea to add a seventh string came about, because Uli had written a Sky Concerto for Guitar and orchestra, and the extra string would increase the range as well as facilitate certain arpeggios.
First concert: 23. April 1993, Liège, Belgium, Forum, for the Symphonic Rock for Europe orchestral event.
From that time on Mighty Wing became Uli's favourite guitar and he played it for 17 years on all of his concerts until the arrival of the new Dommenget/Dean guitars in 2010. Mighty Wing has become a legendary guitar. It was used on all Uli albums from "Prologue To The Symphonic Legends" onwards and on the majority of all the songs. These included "Transcendendental Sky Guitar", (where it played the role of the Phoenix), "Metamorphosis" and "Under a Dark Sky".  Although not a touring guitar any longer, Mighty Wing is still in great shape and the pick-up system has recently been upgraded to the latest MEGA WING version.



Castle Donington, Legends of Rock Festival 2001

642 Southend on Sea Clifs Pavillion England 20. 11. 2002 1
LEGENDS OF ROCK UK TOUR Southend-on-Sea, Cliff's Pavillion, 20. Nov 2002

Monsters Of Rock Turin 1998 900 pixel
MONSTERS OF ROCK - G3 TOUR - ULI with his REMBRANDT SKY during the encores. Torino, Stadium, Italy, 13. June 1998



The Rembrandt Sky was built at the beginning of 1991 by Andy Demetriou in Brighton, England.
Seven strings with low B.
Body: mahogany - neck: sycamore, scalloped - colour: lighter turquoise blue with spiral. Gold-plated brass scratch plates.
Blue golden brooch.Top notes are spaced as whole-tone steps.
Pick-ups: MEGA WING 2 - John Oram.
First concert was at the Frankfurt Musik Fair, 2. March 1991, where Uli appeared together with Peter Bursch.

The guitar has a very warm, singing tone. Played in all of Uli's shows 1991-1992 and again later in the early 2000s.
Featured in the TV show "The Jimi Hendrix Concert", Cologne, 1991, Transcendental Sky Guitar (as "the Dragon") and
Legends of Rock DVD from 2001. Uli predominantly used this guitar in the slower, less virtuosic songs.


Emperor Mighty Wing Dolphin Sky deeper color IMG0010



914 Hamburg Fabrik Germany 17. 4. 2010 1
"Jeannie-Bianca" !

 Uli Bianca


Jeannie-Bianca was the first Sky Guitar which was built by Boris Dommenget as a prototype for the DEAN Guitars Limited Edition of UJR signature Sky Guitars.
Six strings. Completed: April 11, 2010 in Balje, Germany.
Body: alder - neck: flamed maple, scalloped - colour: alpine white with a golden Sky Academy spiral. Gold-plated brass scratch plates. Top notes are spaced as whole-tone steps.
Pick-ups: MEGA WING 3 - John Oram/Fiona Dommenget
Blue LED position lights integrated into the neck. Tronical Powertune system.
Jeannie-Bianca was the first Sky Guitar to come with full Midi capabilities.
First concert was at the Crossroads Guitar Awards at the Fabrik in Hamburg, Germany, 17. March 2010, where Uli appeared together with Randy Hansen. Jeannie- Bianca
has a very warm, strat-like tone. It was named after one of Uli's two favourite Birman cats, Jeannie, who died aged 17, the month after this guitar was completed. Played during many of Uli's shows from 2010-2013, it is now heard less frequently.

1126 Wacken Wet Stage Germany 2. 8. 2013 1
ST PREX with INFINITY smaller
Initially, Infinity was midnight blue as seen on this photo from St Prex Switzerland by Stephane Harnisch

Uli on the cover of Young Guitar magazine with the Infinity Sky, Tokyo,
December 2014 issue

Infiity Sky Broach by Wassmann

Infinity Sky is a guitar Uli picks for special occasions. Of all his Sky Guitars it is the most unpredictable. 

Seven strings. Completed: April 24, 2011 in Balje, Germany. Built by Boris Dommenget for Dean Guitars.
Body: mahogany with quilted maple top - neck: flamed maple, scalloped.
Colour: Midnight black with a golden Sky Academy spiral. Gold-plated brass scratch plates.
Top notes are spaced as whole-tone steps. Scale-length:
Pick-ups: MEGA WING 3 - John Oram/Fiona Dommenget
Blue LED position lights integrated into the neck. Tronical Powertune system. Floating tremolo with three springs.
Full Midi capability.

First concert was at the Rockanthology Festival in St. Prex, Switzerland, 7. May 2011. Because of the mahogany body and shorter scale-length, Infinity has 
a very warm, darker and very creamy tone which is somewhat reminiscent of that of a Les Paul. Albeit the Infinity Sky can sometimes be very temperamental and somewhat unpredictable in its handling, Uli has played some of his best shows with this guitar.

Since its birth, in 2011, it has undergone a number of modifications until Uli was happy with the final result. For instance, the guitar was originally painted in a gold finish, but because Uli was not happy with the result, it was changed to Midnight Blue. Eventually the guitar got refinished for a third time and it is now Midnight Black and looks stunning. Infinity is equipped with the elegant moonstone brooch, which was especially hand-crafted for the guitar by Hamburg jeweller Thorsten Waßmann and Uli considers the Infinity Sky the most beautiful of all Sky Guitars other than Mighty Wing.
Uli played this guitar at the Sunflower Jam in the Royal Albert Hall as well as on many other noteworthy occasions.


SAO PAULO with Lionheart
Sao Paulo, Manifesto, 29. March 2014
Sun Plaza Lionheart Sky
Uli Jon Roth 6826
UliNewSky6 1100 Lionheart


young guitar uli issue

Of all existing Sky Guitars, the Lionheart is probably the guitar Uli is most comfortable with.

Six string Sky. Completed: January 16, 2012 in Balje, Germany by Boris Dommenget for Dean Guitars.
Body: mahogany with quilted maple top - neck: flamed maple, scalloped.
Colour: Atlantic Blue 1 with a golden Sky Academy spiral. Gold-plated brass scratch plates.
Top notes are spaced as whole-tone steps. Scale-length: strat, neck join position is precisely the same as that of Mighty Wing.
Pick-ups: MEGA WING 3 - John Oram/Fiona Dommenget
Blue LED position lights integrated into the neck. Tronical Powertune system. Floating tremolo with three springs.

Lionheart has a very powerful, rich and singing tone. The guitar is very forgiving, "good-natured" and extremely reliable and consistent both on-stage as well as in the studio. Easy to achieve a great tone on virtually any type of stage and acoustic environment. Because of this, Lionheart has become Uli's main six-string guitar on tours.

Its first show was in Corona, California at the Marquee 15 on January 20, 2012. The guitar had been shipped to Uli on that day from Germany and he played it straight out of the box without any problems. On stage, it was like love at first sight and Uli was extremely comfortable with it right away. The name "Lionheart" was given to this guitar a few days later in memory of Uli's favourite Birman Cat under the same name, who died unfortunately while Uli was on tour in Arizona. Therefore two of Uli's main guitars have been given the names of his two favorite cats  Jeannie and Lionheart, who was her son.

Lionheart can be heard on most of the songs on the "SCORPIONS REVISITED" album, as well as on the up-coming TOKYO TAPES REVISITED DVD.

Mighty New Dawn at Tronical Sept 2015 DSC 0429
1312 Les Pennes Mirabeau JasRod France 17. 10. 2015 7 small
Boris Uli and Mighty New Dawn
Control knobs for Mighty New Dawn Tsungil




11129902 984877068241981 6417162079289655311 n

Mighty New Dawn is the latest Sky Guitar protype and also the most different from all its predecessors. Effectively a 13-String guitar, it is the first ever doubleneck Sky a true hybrid - combining a seven-string flamenco guitar with nylon strings with a standard six-string Sky Guitar. Uli was very excited about the new possibilities such an instrument offered and immediately started using this guitar for his acoustika shows in Greece just a few days after its completion. 

Mighty New Dawn is essentially two guitars merged into one. The lower neck is seven-string nylon and the upper neck is six-string standard Sky guitar.
Completed: September 1, 2015 by Boris Dommenget in Balje, Germany.

Seven-string body nylon string: mahogany, spruce top, hollow, neck: spanish cedar with ebony fret-board (flamed maple veneer), Madagascar rosewood bridge.
Six-string body steel string: mahogany with quilted maple top - neck: flamed maple, scalloped.
Colour: Sunburst gold with a golden Sky Academy spiral. 2 X Gold-plated brass scratch plates.
Top notes are spaced as whole-tone steps. Scale-length: standard Sky
Pick-ups: MEGA WING 3 - John Oram/Fiona Dommenget, piezos for the nylon guitar. Full Midi capability onboard.
Blue LED position lights integrated into both necks. Tronical Powertune system on both necks. Floating tremolo with three springs. At first, the guitar came with altogether 14 strings - two times seven - but after the first tour Uli decided he preferred to have only 6 strings for the electric neck, because the two times seven string necks were a little too cumbersome to handle.

First concert was at Kastoria, Greece on September 4, 2015. Since then Uli has played the guitar on most of his concerts in the middle of the set, where it particularly gets to shine during Uli's song "Starlight", which features the nylon strings in the first half and the electric towards the end.


Below are some of the First Limited Edition Sky Guitars:

Ulis three Beauties

5 new sky guitars